Welcome to b01lers bootcamp CTF! b01lers CTF bootcamp is a brand-new super-introductory CTF for beginners. It is also a training camp! Check out the training at https://ctf.b01lers.com, join our Discord, and learn, then come back to compete!


Latest News

Libc Fixes

2020-10-03 16:29:14
Goodbye, Mr. Anderson and Matrix Management System had libc issues. The provided libcs should be correct now.

Because of the way deployment happened, Matrix Management System is not using the default libc in Ubuntu 20.04, so the one being used is now correctly provided.

Purdue Student Instructions and FAQ

2020-08-29 14:41:02
A quick FAQ:
- ANYONE can play, not just Purdue students.
- Only Purdue students are eligible for prizes.
- Purdue students, join our discord for instructions to register your team members with us.
- Purdue students, only teams of <= 4 members are eligible for prizes.
- Everyone not playing for prizes, just clout, you can play with however large a team as you want.
- Visit ctf.b01lers.com for more info about what this CTF is!


Registration Released!

2020-08-29 00:22:35
Welcome to the CTF registration!
You can find our teaching sessions at twitch.tv/b01lers and youtube.com/c/b01lers